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There are two common permanent magnet energy-saving solutions:

(1) Permanent magnet direct drive motor to drive pinion instead of asynchronous motor + reducer; the 2nd type of ball mill which uses a three-phase synchronous motor, can not be replaced by permanent magnet motor;(Ring type direct-drive permanent magnet motor can be used for modification)

The 1st type of ball mill can be modified by a permanent magnet direct-drive motor. After modification, the power saving rate is 12 ~ 25%, and the average power saving rate is about 17%.

(2) Ring type direct drive motor is used to replace all the driving systems to directly drive the roller;

Latest ball mill special PM motor

Ring-type permanent magnet direct-drive motor

1.  Seamless engaged with ball milling integration. There is no need to change the existing mechanism and installation of the ball mill.

2. Save space, cancel the existing edge transmission mechanism, shorten the transmission chain to reduce the fault points and part of the operation noise.

3. The roller is equipped with a magnetic gap detection sensor, which can timely and effectively detect support bearing wear and the eccentric operation caused by roller liner eccentric wear, to avoid the ball mill operation with faults, prolong the service life of the equipment and improve the equipment intelligent management;

4. Cancellation of the lubrication system can reduce environmental pollution and save lubricating oil and other operation maintenance cost.

5. The mounting hole of the big gear will be used to install the motor without affecting the change of the lining plate of the ball mill;

6. By adopting the whole seal package type processing technology, the protection level is high, and the ball mill leakage does not affect the operation;

7. High power motor is of assembly structure, easy for installation and transportation, taking short time for replacement ;

8. For the ball mill of A-type synchronous motor, the transmission efficiency can be improved by 15% ~ 20%, and the comprehensive power saving rate is about 17-25%, after canceling large gear and pinion.

9. For the B-type ball mill with an asynchronous motor + reducer, the comprehensive power saving rate is up to 40%.

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