Easy to be replaced

The same installation size with asynchronous motor/DC motor.

Due to the same motor seat No. Design with asynchronous motor(output<2800kW), it can be easily changed.

Note. Some type of motors are longer than asynchronous motor. Details refer to outer dimension drawing.

High efficiency & Energy saving

Motor efficiency is higher than IE4 (Ultra high efficiency: above GB1 grade)

Note: IE4 has an efficiency grade specified in IEC 60034-30.

Speed control corresponding to height

It an be PG vector controlled!

Note: It need PG feedback card for frequency converter.

It has not only the small volume design of the standard type, but also the high efficiency and the universal seat No. of the general type. It is customized special products for air compressor, special machinery for rubber tires and others.

Special anti-explosion products can be customized for mining, coal mine, oil field and etc.

High power factor

Reduce the capacity of power receiving equipment.

There is no doubt of high efficiency. Compared with asynchronous motor, it can reduce the current volume of equipment due to high power factor.


Energy efficiency standards

comply with IE4 grade

Work mode


Installation dimensions

comply with IEC standard

Control mode

variable frequency vector control

Power range


install type


Cooling way

IC411 or IC416

Rated speed

750,1000,1500 RPM

Insulation class


Optional parts

Encoder, spiral transformer, PTC, PT100

Protection grade

IP55(IP23 start type is customizable)

Wiring type

junction box (aviation plug can be customized as per requirement)



Rated voltage

380V  660V  1140V 3300V 6KV 10KV

Required environment

below 1000m altitude

temperature -15〜45°C

relative humidity below 90%