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Oil Field

TYPL Series Motor System is integrated equipment consisting of Permanent Magnet Frequency Control Motor and intelligent frequency control cabinet, and high efficiency, an energy-saving product designed by our company for PCP and pumping jack in oil fields. It’s a new type of Mechatronics product on the basis of developing electronic elements, computer technology, and rare earth permanent magnet materials.
This System adopts a vertical hollow shaft permanent magnet frequency control motor direct driving PCP rod without gear transmission, the energy consumption, and maintenance cost are reduced.

High-Efficiency Permanent Magnet Frequency Conversion Motor controlled by the intelligent frequency control cabinet.
This system has a flexible anti-reverse protection function when power cuts, equipment stops, or failure alarms. It has an auto-heating device to protect against freezing and an auto-cooling device to protect against overheating and also has protected the function of over-torque, over voltage and over current, etc. The system has features of simple structure, easy parameter adjusting, high efficiency.
This system is mainly applied to PCP units with conditions of high viscosity, high sand content, and water content.

(Note: The control cabinet can be custom-made according to different requirements.)