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The permanent magnet direct-drive motor and its control system manufactured by Enneng company are composed of a low-speed high-power permanent magnet motor and a special control system for permanent magnet motor. The system can be professionally customized according to the parameters and size requirements provided by customers.

Since the products use the latest electromagnetic optimization design and structure scheme, the motor performance is better with a compact structure. It has advantages of small size, lightweight, high torque density, high efficiency and power factor, good moisture-proof performance, low noise, low vibration, easy for installation, maintenance-free, high-cost performance and etc. It is suitable for all kinds of low-lift and high-flow hydraulic engineering applications.

In addition to the inverted umbrella aerator, the turning butterfly aerator is another common sewage treatment equipment, which can also be supported by a permanent magnet direct-drive motor.


Customer on-site monitoring:

Based on the data collected in 80 hours, the average operating current of a permanent magnet direct drive motor in 80 hours is 92.37A, while the average operating current of an asynchronous motor is 120.06A. The power-saving effect is obvious, with a comprehensive power saving rate of more than 30%, and operation noise is greatly reduced.


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