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The compound extruder mainly adopts a DC motor drive. However, DC motors production has been discontinued in most electric motor factories, which makes the maintenance of motor and parts purchase more difficult. There are other shortcomings like that the motor efficiency is not ideal, the reliability is bad, the maintenance is complex, the maintenance cost is high and etc.

In recent years, due to the development of frequency conversion technology, the use of the “permanent magnet frequency conversion + permanent magnet motor” combination to replace the traditional “DC motor + DC speed regulation system” has been recognized by the domestic rubber industry. However, some problems such as high energy consumption of reducer, faults of high-speed gear, solidification of the production process, and ineffective improvement of production efficiency have not been completely solved.

The combination of permanent magnet direct-drive motor and frequency conversion control, by using direct axis current equal to zero closed-loop control mode, has dual advantages of the same hard characteristics as DC motor, and higher efficiency compared with AC asynchronous motor. With no gearbox, it further improves the transmission efficiency, can realize CVT of the production line, greatly improve the production efficiency, improve the diversity of the production process, which makes it the optimization of extruder driven power.

Comparing Enneng permanent magnet direct drive motor with DC motor, the active power saving rate can reach more than 30%. Contact the manufacturer for detailed product instructions and specifications.

Special PM direct-drive motor for internal mixer

Most domestic manufacturers use DC motor + reducer to directly drag the mixer to work. The following problems exist in the use of DC motor:

1. When the mixer is started at power frequency, the instantaneous current of the motor is up to 6 ~ 10 times the normal operation.

2. The operating cycle is generally 3-6min, and the overload time is generally around 2%, namely 3.6-7.2s. The long-term impact is harmful to the motor.

3. The formula and speed are few, which can’t match the work performed after the formula change, limiting the diverse production of the equipment.

4. Frequent failures result in more maintenance of carbon brush and high-speed gearbox. The large load variation of the mixer and short response time will cause great damage to the motor.

5. When the motor malfunctions, it is easy to lead to the hardening of the rubber in the mixer chamber, which has a negative impact on machinery and production.

A permanent magnet direct drive mixer can realize infinitely variable transmission, effectively reduce downtime. It has a strong overload capacity, less no-load loss, greatly improves equipment intelligence, and reduces equipment energy consumption.

Common specifications: 1000KW/60RPM; 1250 kw / 60 RPM; 1500 kw/RPM;

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