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PMM For PCP In Oil field


Progressive cavity pump(PCP) direct drive frequency conversion permanent magnet drive device is a new generation of stable and safe oil extraction equipment (special drive head) specially designed and manufactured by our company for PCP. It replaces the oil recovery form in which a three-phase asynchronous motor drives a smooth rod through a deceleration mechanism. The motor is directly installed at the wellhead. The permanent magnet synchronous motor whose main shaft is a hollow shaft is vertically sleeved into the sucker polished rod, and then the sealing structure is installed on the upper end of the motor spindle. Finally, the shaft head and the sucker polished rod are connected through a square clip, so that the output torque of the motor is transmitted to suck on a polished rod. The lower end of the shaft of the permanent magnet direct-drive synchronous motor of the PCP uses a thrust spherical roller bearing with a dynamic load of more than 20 tons, which bears the entire PCP body and pump rod downhole.