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Belt conveyor used PMSM


Special low-speed big power permanent magnet drive system for belt conveyor is widely applied in the port, mining machinery, and other fields.

Special permanent magnet direct drive motor for belt conveyor

The special drive system is customized according to the operation characteristics of the belt conveyor. With advanced design concept and production processing technology and equipment, the low-speed high-power permanent magnet motor drive system has formed 315, 355, 400, 500, 560 five frame Nos, with torque ranges 3000 N · m ~ 100000 N · m, a series products of more than 120 specifications, widely applied in the port, mining machinery, and other fields.

The products adopt the latest electromagnetic program and structural design, with characteristics of energy-saving, high efficiency, small size, lightweight, high torque density, anti-demagnetization, easy installation, maintenance-free, and high cost-performance ratio. The products are suitable for a variety of low-speed high-power belt transmission equipment.


Torque range 3000~100,000N·m  
Seat No. 315,355,400,500,560  
Voltage 380VAC, 660VAC, 1140VAC, 3300VAC or 6K,10K  
Speed range 0~60, 75, 90rpm/min, or customized as per customers’ requirement  
Cooling type natural cooling, water cooling  
Installation horizontal installed or customized as per customers’ requirement  
Protection grade IP54 (higher grades can be customized)  
Shaft standard circular shaft with keyway, hollow shaft with a key, hollow shaft with internal spline  
Performance, cost, parameter comparisons
parameters low-speed big torque permanent magnet motor transmission system high-speed motor + reducer + hydraulic coupler
Rated power(KW) 132 132
Rated torque(N·m) 20000 20000
Rated voltage(V) 380 380
Current(A) 211.5 240
Synchronous speed(r/min) 60 60
Efficiency(%) 96.4 93×0.9=83.7
Power factor 0.9942 0.85
Starting torque multiple 1.5 1.5
Max torque multiple 2 1.5
Weight(t) 1.8 3.2