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TYP Series General Type Permanent Magnet Motor


It adopts a universal frame size, which is suitable for driving various mechanical equipment, with good interchangeability; the efficiency is over 95%, the power factor is over 98%, the starting speed is huge, and the overload capacity is strong. This type of motor can be customized according to the actual application requirements of users.

Application: Our General and Standard Type of Permanent Magnet Motor are widely used in power stations, metallurgy, chemicals, water treatment, coal mining, textiles, rubber, petroleum, medicine, paper, cooling tower, food, and other industries to help companies reduce emissions, save energy, reduce consumption, reduce noise to reach green production.

Easy For Replacement

The same installation size with the asynchronous motor.

Due to the same motor frame number with the same asynchronous motor(output<315kW), it can be easily changed.

Note) Some types of motors are longer than asynchronous motors. Details refer to outer dimension drawing.

High Power Factor

To reduce the capacity of power receiving equipment.

There is no doubt of high efficiency. Compared with asynchronous motor and standard type synchronous motor, it can reduce the current volume of equipment due to high power factor.

Speed Control As Per Height

It is PG vector control.

Suitable for the printer, punch compactor, etc.

High Efficiency & Energy Saving

Motor efficiency is equal to IE4 (Ultra-high efficiency: above GB1 grade)

Note:  IE4 is an efficiency grade specified in IEC 60034-30.

Product Parameter

Energy efficiency standards comply with GB30253-1 grade Work mode S1
Installation dimensions comply with IEC standard Control mode variable frequency vector control
Power range 3 〜315kW Install type IMB3 IMB5 IMB35
Cooling way IC411 or IC416 Rated efficiency 50,75,125,150Hz(customized as per requirement)
Insulation class F(H) Optional parts Encoder, spiral transformer, PTC, PT100
Protection grade IP54(IP23 customizable) Wiring type junction box (aviation plug can be customized as per requirement)
Installation IMB3 IMB5 IMB35 Rated voltage 380V±10%
Required environment Below 1000m altitude
Temperature -15〜45°C
Relative humidity below 90%