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TYB Series Standard Type Permanent Magnet Motor


Adopt high-efficiency NdFeB permanent magnet, no excitation loss, and through special rotor structure design, greatly reduce iron loss and stray loss, the efficiency of the whole machine reaches above IE4 standard, the efficiency is increased by 5-10%, and the power factor is improved 10-15% or more.

It can maintain high efficiency and power factor in the load range of 20% -120%, the power factor can be 1, the three-phase asynchronous motor can only reach 0.86.
Effectively reduce line losses, light-load energy saving is more significant, and improve grid utilization.

Small Size

Volume: 35% smaller, weight :40% lighter

Motor frame No. is decreased by 1 ~ 3, compared with the asynchronous motor.

It can realize mechanical miniaturization to save space.

High Power Factor

Reduce the capacity of power receiving equipment.

There is no doubt of high efficiency. Compared with an asynchronous motor, it can reduce the current volume of equipment due to the high power factor.

High Efficiency & Energy Saving

Motor efficiency is equal to IE3 (High efficiency: above GB2 level)

Note: IE3 is efficiency grade specified in IEC 60034-30.

Product Parameter

Energy efficiency standards Comply with GB30253-1 grade Work mode S1
Installation dimensions Comply with IEC standard Control mode Variable frequency vector control
Power range 7.5 〜160kW Governing range constant torque: 0〜3000r/min
Cooling way IC411 (fan cooling) weak magnet: 3000 〜3600r/min
Power range 7.5 〜250kW Governing range Constant torque: 0〜1500r/min
Cooling way IC416 (independent axial flow fan) Weak magnet: 1500 〜1800r/min
Insulation class F Optional parts Encoder, spiral transformer, PTC, PT100
Protection grade IP54 (IP23 customizable) Wiring type Junction box (aviation plug can be customized as per requirement)
installation IMB3 IMB5 IMB35 Service factor Standard 1, 2 (customized as per requirement)
Required environment below 1000m altitude
Temperature -15〜45°C
Relative humidity below 90%