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Wind Power/Water Power Permanent Magnet Generator


Our company has studied out three-phase synchronous generators by means of absorbing merits of similar products at home and abroad. They are widely applicable to power systems as main equipment or standby equipment, such as marine power stations, offshore drilling platforms, land power stations, island power stations, mobile stations, emergency power stations, and small hydropower stations, and can be driven by internal combustion engines, gas engines, steam turbines, hydro turbines, and electric motors. The generators can be single-unit operation, parallel operation, or grid-connected operation.
We can make perfect customization for different customers according to different demands. Whatever you need, our experienced engineers shall provide the effective solution as you required.
Your demand is always what we pursue!


The generator has many poles, which improve the frequency and efficiency, saving the cost of rectifiers and inverters.

② Finite Element Analysis is used when designing the generator, compact structure. Low startup torque, solves the problem of small wind startup, improving wind energy utilization.

③ Leave out the gear increaser, improve the reliability and efficiency of the generator, lower the amount of maintenance.

④ H class insulation, vacuum pressure impregnation.

⑤ Have many structures such as vertical axis, horizontal axis, internal rotor, external rotor, plate type.

⑥ Strong rotors, the generator could achieve high speed.

⑦ Small size, lightweight, high energy density, suitable for special situations.

⑧ Run efficiency throughout the whole speed range, high efficiency.

⑨ Use imported high-speed oil-contained bearings, maintenance-free, high reliability.

⑩ The parameters like voltage, speed, power can be customized. The shape can be changed. Spline shaft, biaxial extension, the flange can be used.